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Dont Touch MY BUTT!

Fred and Jill had found the perfect beach: away from people, with white sand, the water calm and warm, the area shaded by trees--we were almost giddy with excitement.

Leaving the 100+ degrees of the valley we looked forward to our time together. We had not done this before--just gone away for fun--but here we were: packed in cars, with food to last for a week, and swim noodles, and blankets. We were ready for some R&R.

They had warned us; bring solid shoes you can wear in the water and to climb over rocks.

But here we were: a steep climb down to the river (I guess we should have come with less "stuff"), a river with mossy slippery rocks that needed to be crossed, rugged terrain that needed to be maneuvered to get to the the perfect beach.

So, despite it not going exactly as planned, we learned some valuable lessons:

1. When you hold on to another person you are more stable.

2. When you slip it is easier to recover when connected to another person.

3. When the road gets strenuous a cheering voice behind you makes it easier.

4. Sometimes someone has to push you in unexpected places, or you lose your footing all-together (hence: "don't touch my butt").

5. When you arrive together at the destination the celebration is so much sweeter.

It was a wonderful 7 hours together--getting to know each other, playing in the water, having a delicious meal and just enjoying each others company--but the lessons we learned translate into every part of life.

Life as a part of a community is always better--even if they have to push you along sometimes . . .

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