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Can we celebrate Valentine’s Day all year?

February 14, 2022

Many years ago, while working in the medical field, my husband bought a stack of the little kids Valentine’s Cards and sent them to me several days in a row. It was so much fun to get them to the office. We all were waiting for them. It became a whole office thing (not that my staff got to read them, but they enjoyed the anticipation with me).
I love the creativity of the street vendors who pop up everywhere. I love the romance that is shown. I love the cuteness of kids during this time. But reality is that once a year we spend millions of dollars to buy Valentine’s gifts…things that we overpriced, unhealthy and will last only a short time.
What if we spread it out? What if we all would write one love note a week? Give flowers on a a regular basis (maybe even grow our own or support a local grower?) What if we show love in ways that people can actually experience it? There is an old book that talks about learning someone’s love language.
They talk of several categories: gifts, acts of service, quality time, words of affirmation, physical touch, communication, expression of love and affection.
We all have different areas that make us feel loved and cared for. Personally, I am not big on flowers from my husband, but Jim gives the best neck massages and that shows me more love than a one time gift of candy and flowers a year.
We often show love in the ‘language’ that we like and that might not be the one that the other person prefers. So, you really need to know the person well to know what love language to use.
Find out the ‘love language’ of the person you care about and give a gift that is meaningful to them (you might actually save a ton of money that way too!).
And while we are on the topic - why not show love to someone who you might not think of being ‘lovable’? Maybe a smile to a homeless friend? A kind word to the clerk? A note to a staff member? A hug to a senior? A load of laundry for your wife? Taking time to listen to your child?
How can you love someone well?
A couple days ago we went to a restaurant and a family with 3 young children were sitting across from us. The 5 year old twin boys were so entertaining and fun to watch, but I am also sure that it terrified the parents to have their kids make noise in a fancy restaurant. Before they left I got up and walked over to the table, I could see the terror in the mom’s eyes who probably thought they were in trouble. I put a hand on her arm and just told her how much I enjoyed watching the kids and how it made me smile. Her relief was almost palpable. It took 20 seconds to make her day.

Find ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day on a daily occurrence, look for opportunities to show love in a way that uses the recipients love language and see what it will do to our community.

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