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& Initiatives.

LifeLine CDC is about empowering under-resourced neighborhoods to thrive. Everything we do is based on what community members feel would benefit them to move out of poverty. Our neighbors have skills and passions and care deeply about their community so together we provide resources that benefit everyone. 


Guidance, resources, opportunities, and wellbeing

Designed with little ones in mind, the GROW program provides a stimulating environment with fun activities for toddlers to learn, explore, and flourish


Students' Time After-school for Recreation & Study

The STARS program offers a nurturing environment for children to thrive academically and emotionally. From homework assistance, projects & crafts, physical activities, meaningful discussions, mental health coaching, and even educational field trips, we provide a safe space to connect, share, grow together, and instill a passion for learning in our youth


Building Opportunities for Our Striving Teens

The BOOST program is dedicated to empowering teenagers to reach their full potential by providing the tools and support needed to navigate the journey to adulthood successfully. We host occasional workshops to help teens build healthy relationships and learn important life skills


Launching Individuals Forward Together

The LIFT program offers services for adults to help navigate life's challenges and opportunities to lift each other up and move forward together. We offer help with taxes, paperwork, technology assistance, job search, food security, community service or volunteer opportunities, and connections to other resources needed


Seniors' Independence, Living, Vitality, Empowerment, and Resources

The SILVER program is dedicated to enhancing the lives of seniors by offering resources and support services to ensure that seniors thrive in every aspect of their lives. We host fun senior activities, provide food aid, paperwork & technology assistance, and help with other resources needed 

Neighborhood Centers

Poverty is not the lack of resources but the ACCESS to the resources. So our Community Centers are places where people can use their gifts, strengths, and knowledge to help each other move forward. The Centers are hubs for a variety or resources from emergency food, to resume help, to kids activities, to bringing community members together to work on things they care about. 

Food Boxes & Nutrition

When the primary concern in life revolves around securing food, it becomes challenging to address other essential matters. Hence, our Emergency Food Pantry and People's Fridge serves as more than just a distribution point; it's a platform for meaningful conversations within our community. Our aim is not only to offer nutritious sustenance and guidance on budget-friendly eating but also to eradicate hunger from every household. However, we understand that this assistance is merely a stepping stone toward empowering individuals to progress further.

Community Gardens

Food security is vital for fostering healthy, active, and engaged families. Our gardens help provide some of the food that people might need to thrive. We understand that nutrition enhances cognitive function, physical well-being, and overall engagement. Through our partnership with the Merced County Health Department, we empower communities to cultivate gardens and promote nutritious eating habits among families.

Community Activities

So many of us are suffering from isolation and a lack of connection with others. Our Community Centers are places for people to come together, learn from each other, play games, have deep conversations and help each other move forward. From just having coffee, to providing clothing, food, and other resources, our centers are the hub of the neighborhood. We work WITH community members to help them get what is needed to move out of poverty and isolation.

Summer Kids Time Program

Summer Kids Time is designed to keep youth engaged and intellectually stimulated during the summer break. Through a range of enjoyable activities, we ensure that children not only have fun but also continue to exercise their minds, mitigating the summer knowledge loss often experienced during extended breaks. Living in an under-resourced community shouldn't hinder children from accessing enriching experiences. Therefore, our program strives to provide a supportive environment where all youth can thrive, regardless of socioeconomic barriers.

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