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programs & initiatives.

Neighborhood Centers

Poverty is not the lack of resources but the ACCESS to the resources. So our Community Centers are places where people can use their gifts and strength and help each other and their knowledge to move forward. The Centers are hubs for a variety or resources from emergency food, to resume help, to kids activities, to bringing community members together to work on things they care about. 

LifeLine CDC is about empowering under-resourced neighborhoods to thrive. Everything we do is based on what community members feel would benefit them to move out of poverty. Our neighbors have skills and passions and care deeply about their community so together we provide resources that benefit everyone. 

Community Gardens

Food security is vital to ensure that families are healthy, well and engaged. Our gardens help provide some of the food that people might need to thrive. We know that nutrition helps our brains to function better, our bodies to move more and our minds to be more engaged. Our partnership with the Merced County Health Department helps our communities to learn to garden and bring healthy nutrition to their families. 

Community Activities

So many of us are suffering from isolation and a lack of connectedness. Our Community Centers are places for people to come together, learn from each other, play games, have deep conversations and help each other move forward. From just having coffee, to providing clothing, food, and other resources, our centers are the hub of the neighborhood. We work WITH community members to help them get what is needed to move out of poverty and isolation.

After School Programs

We know that education is one major way of getting out of poverty. With over 30% of our community not having a GED, we want to ensure that all our young people develop a love for learning, have access to help if needed, and have a safe environment where they can develop. We are doing science projects, games, physical activities, and lots of conversations to make it all happen. We take our young people on field trips and keep their minds engaged. 

Food Boxes & Nutrition

When our main worry in life is food, then we can not focus on other things. So our Emergency Food Pantry is an access point to have deeper conversations with our community members. We want to provide nutritious food, help teach eating on a budget and ensure that no family goes hungry. But we also know that this is only an entry point to help people move forward.  


Our Summer Kids TIme is a time for our children and youth to have activities that are fun but also engage the mind because we know that the knowledge drift during the summer months impacts the beginning of the new school year. Living in an under-resourced community does not mean that we should not do everything to keep our kids engaged.  

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