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mission & history.

LifeLine CDC is a community benefit organization that empowers neighborhoods to thrive.


We focus on what is strong in a community, not on what is wrong.


We started in 2007 to help neighbors discover their gifts, abilities, and strengths and to work together to help people and communities to thrive. 

We believe the skills of local residents, the power of local resources, and the supportive functions of local institutions are the primary building blocks of sustainable community development.

LifeLine is a lattice upon which individuals in a community can thrive together. We focus on the things you cannot do alone.​ This type of community transformation is a slow and labor-intensive process, but it's the very best way to begin for long-term impact.

Community development means nurturing a shared vision of the community

and its people, its gifts and its needs. Pulling together and thereby raising new capacities, and empowering new leaders!


Thank you to our generous partners who help make our work at LifeLine possible. Together we support under-resourced communities to re-imagine their future, not waiting for a hand-out but celebrating their assets and working collaboratively to make their neighborhoods thrive!

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