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Do what you can and influence what you can't

December 19, 2021

If I would take a personality test, I would come out as an activist, a connector, a visionary. All great characteristics… but also a great recipe for disaster!

I see things and feel the issues need to be solved, I want to create ways to make things happen, role the ball forward. And oh, I see so many things: the homeless issue, the lack of good affordable housing, the loss of so many lives due to trauma and addictions, the injustices around race, the lack of neighborhood community centers, and the list can go on. My heart breaks when I see injustice… I NEED to do something. That is good, right? But, I have only limited time an energy, I can only do so many thing at once.

All my adult life I have struggled with setting boundaries for myself, not picking up new things without knowing that I have the capacity to follow through… but it does not come easy.

The other day I listened to a podcast where Jedd Medefind interviewed the former director of Compassion International, an amazing child sponsor program (if you enjoy podcasts, check out “Justice and the Inner Life’). The question was asked how do you not get overwhelmed with the needs of this world, and Wes Stafford’s response was: “do what you can and influence what you can’t.” That has stuck with me.

I don’t have to fix the world’s problems, I can stay in my lane and do what God called me to do, and then influence, promote and encourage other people to do the work they have been called too.

I can partner with groups that do a much better job in the area of their expertise, I can pray for people to engage in the many opportunities that are out there, I can encourage you to be part of something that is done well.

As you and I plan out the next year, do you set time aside aside to serve? Is there a way that your knowledge, passion, and expertise can help a small non profit reach their next goal? You could be the person they have been praying and hoping for! You don’t have to do everything, but choose one place where you can serve and then don’t do it alone. If your passion is for the homeless, join the Continuum of Care, volunteer at a shelter, donate your extra blankets and new socks etc.

If you love young people, work with a youth organization and walk with a young person.

If you enjoy creating, help a non profit with their fundraiser by decorating and organizing an event.

Do the things you love and help someone along the way.

Overwhelmed and not sure where to start? Email me and I will process things through with you. I love the many organizations in town who have a passion to serve and would love to help you connect!

Don’t get overwhelmed, do what you can, and then influence what you can’t.

At LifeLine we could use: people who help tutor a 1st grader at a local Elementary school (training provided and oh, the kids are so much fun), use your knowledge and passion at our community centers, become a board member, become a donor.

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