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If you see a bridge, take it

January 30, 2023

I was sitting at a coffee shop and overheard a phrase being used: 'If you see the bridge, take it." It somehow stayed in my mind and I have been thinking about it over the last few weeks.

Our small group is going through "the US and the Holocaust" and it has been heart breaking to see how we (Germans) stood by and/or participated in it. Like everyone else I want to say that I would have stood up... But reality is, I probably would not have either – that is a sobering thought!. It was so big, so overwhelming, so radical.
Today, there are things that are happening all around us and yet, we do not stand up.

When I see injustice, am I willing to stand up against it instead of just talk about it? When a fight breaks out, am I willing to step in and break it up (instead of pulling out my camera)? When a person needs help, am I willing to step out of my busy schedule and step into her life? When a child is being bullied, a youth is being mistreated, a person chooses to love someone else.....will I be willing to not only 'see the bridge' but also 'take the bridge'?

We live in a world where we are looking for clicks, and likes, and where often the truth is not as important as the reactions we get out of it.... That is so wrong.
We live in a world where it is frightening to step up and do something (because, we could totally misinterpret a situation, or get into danger ourselves, or become the common enemy).
We live in a world where we know each other on social media but refuse to know each other deeply in real life.
We live in a world where we don't want to offend, or get in trouble or be on the wrong side of things.

You might wonder what it all has to do with the phrase "if the you see the bridge, take it." I think so many times we stand there in life hesitating if we should step in, should say something, do something.... and we miss the many opportunities to make an impact.

Every time someone undermines the dignity of another human being we should see the bridge and take it to stand up for the person being harmed.

Every time a person is being taken advantage of because of their immigration status, the color of their skin, their age, or their lifestyle, I want to see the bridge and take it.

Let's commit together to make our world better by seeing the bridges and take them to a more just world.

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