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It's so easy to judge!

October 17, 2022

One comment taken out of context, one remark made in frustration, one statement made right after trauma can ruin someone's whole life story.
Something happened the other day and words were said that were unkind, judgmental, and derogative and the response on social media was that we should shun that business. I almost jumped on that bandwagon but then had a check in my heart. Maybe I should dig deeper and call that business and find out the rest of the story.
I am sure I have made comments, that, taken out of context, would make everyone wonder what kind of person runs this non-profit. There are times when emotions run high, when there are too many things to do, when stress builds up.... when words come out that are inappropriate, hurting others, demeaning others character.
The measure of a man (or woman) at the point is how they respond afterwards. Words can come out (I think we all have been guilty of that) but how we respond when called upon (or even when not) makes all the difference. Do I acknowledge my bad choice of words and attitudes? Do I ask for forgiveness? Do I repent (feel or express regret or remorse over one's actions)? Or do I minimize it (everyone is doing it... they had it coming...if you knew what I have to put up with....)? Do I blame the other person for my bad respond? Do I justify my thoughts and actions?

Benjamin Franklin is acclaimed for saying " Never ruin an apology with an excuse."
Plato said: “I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing.”

It seems over the last few years we have lost common courtesies. We forgot how to speak to each other with respect and kindness. When government staff blames others, when local politicians use 4 letter words and start yelling at each other, when famous people give us the finger, when blame is passed from one person to another..... it is hard to expect everyone else to be different. When nobody wants to take responsibility for their actions any longer and when we continuously look to judge someone else.... we are in trouble.

Let's start a revolution!!! Let's not jump to conclusions, let's not judge before we know the story, let's not assume the worse of people. As Jim Petersen would stay: Let's be unusually interested in other people. Let's stay in the room with difference. Let's stop comparing our best with their worst.

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