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Two wrongs don’t make things right!

June 5, 2023

My heart has been torn over the things that happened last week.

An organization that started out with really good intentions and an amazing heart for under-resourced neighbors had to furlough their workers due to financial issues. The business was known for its innovative business approach in bringing the tech industry to the Central Valley and giving people opportunities for training and jobs. I met them when they first started out and loved their model and the heart of the people. Now they are closed and nobody knows what the future holds. BUT what really shook me was how fast and easy the accusations came, how fast people threw the baby out with the bath water, how easy it is to question the integrity of people.

A friend of mine, a wonderful mom and good person made one decision and she too has been thrown under the bus, her character questioned and her commitment to family doubted. One mistake ruined her life as she knew it. Threats came, accusations were made, lies were told… and this person had to leave town because she feared for her family.

In both cases we jumped to conclusions, made up our minds, shared opinions and blackened people’s reputations. Did they make mistakes? Yes, but who has not? Could they have done things differently? Hindsight is always perfect. Do they regret some of the decisions they made? I am sure.

But do we need to add insult to injury? Can we not just wait until the whole story comes out? Can we not give people the benefit of the doubt and trust their hearts?

It broke my heart to see how fast we just labeled the organization and the family, how easy it was to forget everything good that ever happened and just treat them as bad people.

We all have issues, we all have things we are not proud of and things we regret we said or did, but in the end I want to look at people for the sum of their whole being and not just the one moment in time.

Because one day, you or I might end up on Social Media or in the newspaper or have our character questioned all because we made one mistake, one wrong judgement, one wrong word……

Wayne Dyer said: “Judging a person does not define who they are. It defines who you are.”

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