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We are surrounded by amazing people! Are you one of them?

May 2, 2022

I just came back from 2 trips. One to Rancho Palos Verdes where I was with a group of people who have dedicated their lives to help us understand our history better. R, a former Engineer, who has spent his last 15+ years working tirelessly to help us understand the value of knowing our history and not repeating it (well, at least not the bad parts). His pointed questions always challenge me to learn more. D a Navajo leader who continues to share his story of abuse in Boarding Schools, and helps us to see the trauma that effects people still today. J, a Black pastor, who still who does not get the same respect and opportunities and his counterparts do and so many more, yet he is so thankful for the opportunities he has in his life.

Then I went to Grand Rapids Michigan for Board meeting for World Renew, an organization that does development work in 25+ countries using a strength based approach (not giving free stuff, but empowering the local people). There I had a conversation with S, who grew up across the street from Mother Theresa in Calcutta. S has modeled her life after this amazing nun and she and her husband have spent years equipping and empowering people in Asia. C, who could have any job with his amazing gift and could make way more money, but decided to work to help people understand better how live out Biblical principles in our world. Did you know the Bible is full of ideas on how to address poverty, equity, climate care and so much more? A, a lawyer, with great wisdom who does pro-bono work for non-profit organizations and under-resourced families. C, a foster mom, who adopted an HIV infected boy (birth mom was a drug user) and then went on to fight for the rights of this little human being and changed the laws in her state.

I could go on with this, but here are a couple of principles:
We have to listen to people’s stories to find the hidden treasures.
We all have something to offer, we just need to find what really captures our hearts.
We all are part of a global world where we can no longer isolate ourselves and believe that our work, our action does not effect someone else.

We are all so much more then meets the eye. We have influence, we have power, we have opportunities to make our work a better place. So what are you, an amazing human being, going to do?

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