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Who is your god?

June 24, 2024

I have been thinking about the things that are important, that give meaning and purpose to my life. This is often revealed in my time management. What gets my attention? What do I focus on? What excites me? What occupies my mind?

I want to say my God, my following the teachings of the Bible. And that is really what I value that gives me the higher purpose in life, but if I am honest, my day-to-day activities do not always reflect that. I get caught up in running a non-profit, I get preoccupied with meetings to create a more just world, I get home and focus on schooling, and when I am tired I am home watching dumb videos.

Our lives often run so fast that we get caught up in the business of life and don't even think about what matters. Last week, my homework for my MA was to analyze the time I spent for a week. Rather embarrassing, I have to admit. Of course there were all the 'good' things that got done, the meetings with people I care about, the work to move LifeLine forward, the homework, and so many other things. But there were also the breaks that I took (nothing against breaks!!!!) that were wasted with going through Social Media, the time it took to watch short videos to relax. The big question in the assignment was, do you manage your time or does it manage you? Ouch!

But that made me think about the bigger picture of what matters to us, how we all spend our time and energy, and that really determines who our god is, right? It is sports? Success in business? TV? Religious work? Family? Stuff that we should not be looking at? Politics? Anger over our current situation?

How we spend our time reveals who our god is. How we invest our 24 hours a day determines what matters to us. Not what we claim is important but how we invest our most precious commodity: time.

Maybe we need to rethink what matters to us and who our god is. Maybe we need to analyze our time and energy and see what comes to the surface.

For me, I hope that the scripture from the Bible (Micah 6:8) "What does the Lord require of you?To do justice, to love mercy, and to talk humbly with your God" makes it to the top of my list. But even then, I can do the work of justice without even being in deep relationship with my God. So, every day, I have to step back and spend time in prayer, Bible reading, meditation etc. to ensure that my priorities align and I don't chase after the wrong god.

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