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Good Intentions

July 19, 2021

We are renovating our home..... after living here for 27 years, it is time to change some things.... Like the yellow and baby blue kitchen counter tops. Our home was built in 1946 and had the last remodel in 1958...that is old.

We love our home, it is sturdy and has character, but we also notice things... like the kitchen cabinets that are patched together and held together with lots of nails.... Or the funky way the remodel was done.... and now the kitchen counter that has ½ inch of cement on the wall and underneath the counter... so solid! So difficult to change!!!

During the time of the build that was the way they did things, during the time of the remodel, that seemed the way to do it... But by today's standards that would not work any longer. Obviously we are not tearing down the house and rebuilding it, but we do have to make modification to make it workable and safe. The cost of replacing the home with something 'modern' would make it impossible for us, and reality is, that today's 'modern' is going to be tomorrow's outdated.

So, we fix what we can, make adjustments and enjoy our home.

That made me think about all the different things that are currently declared 'wrong' in the USA. We have systems that, at one time were needed and really good, but might need fixing today to bring them up to code. We have ideologies that were once fundamentals of our society, but now need to be rethought. We have believed in things that don't seem right any longer. We have focused on things in the past that we now consider wrong.

We need to address some of the issues that affect our neighborhoods, our country and our world. We need to look at unjust systems, outdated processes, old belief systems. We need to learn to see ourselves in the context of our whole world and our eternity.

We need to make 'renovations' where changes are needed, we need to tear out some of the walls that divide us, we need to update some of the systems, but we do not tear down the whole country.

As we continue to remodel our home. We ask ourselves these questions:

Is there structural damage that needs to be repaired to ensure that the house keeps standing (cracks that need repairing). Does it reflect our values (e.g. Solar energy to reduce the carbon footprint)?

Are there health issues that need to be addressed? (we are making our bathroom handicapped accessible as we are getting older).

As we renovate will it keep it's value, will our renovation date the home, will the next person living here, find it a good place (a home) to live in?

We can ask ourselves the same questions: What structural changes need to be made to keep the USA strong and what are the values we hold dear and do not want to change (yes, I understand there are times when it seems easier to tear down everything and start from scratch).

What things do we need to do that effect the health of other people around us (environment, safety, etc)?

What do we need to do so that the next generation will enjoy the changes that have been made and will value what they are handed?

Our home is our safe place, the place where we can relax, enjoy, make memories to treasure. Our state and nation too should be a safe place, where everyone can enjoy life, relax and be safe and make memories to treasure.

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