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Grace and Truth

January 3, 2023

Every year I try to focus on one Scripture from the Bible to focus on some of my character issues. This year it is in the book of Colossians: ”Let every word you speak be drenched with grace and tempered with truth and clarity.” Yeah, not an easy word to live up to. Grace and truth…… how would that benefit our world today, how it would benefit me? In a world where we all have our own ‘truth’ and grace has gone out of the window, how can I live into that? How can I show kindness, unmerited favor, how can I listen more and judge less? In a world where everyone thinks they have cornered the truth, how can I stand by the truth I see, and show grace at the same time? How can my words be filled with clarity? How can I be drenched in grace and truth?

When I go on social media and see people’s responses to situations - how can I show grace?
When I hear twisted news - how can I speak truth?
When I recognize that there are more than two sides to each story, how can I show grace and bring clarity?
When I hear people put others down, how can I stand up for grace and truth without myself becoming judgmental?
When I see poor behavior how do I pour out grace but also bring truth and clarity into it?
When decisions are being made on behalf of a group of people, how can I bring truth and grace and clarity into it?

How can I create a better world? On my dashboard in the car is a sticker “stay curious” - I want to learn to listen more, be gracious in my responses and bring truth and clarity where I have opportunities. Would our community be different if we would join in this together?

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