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I hate being sick!

November 21, 2022

I hate being sick! I hate having a body that is not under my control! I hate it when my mind is so medicated that no good thoughts can be formed. I have always been an overall healthy person, but over the last 10 years by body likes to get bronchitis and it seems after having had COVID it is more prone to respiratory yuck. I hate the feeling of being out of control. And yet, it usually only takes a few days of laying low staying on meds and resting that I am back to 'normal'.

But every time I get sick I remember my friends with cancer and their daily struggle to go through treatments – you are my heroes! I think of my friends with chronic diseases, a betrayal of their immune systems, and the struggle they face – you are my heroes! I think of my friends who are older and whose bodies don't cooperate any longer, whose minds want to do things and whose bodies refuse to play along – you are my heroes! I think of friends with mental health issues, that look 'normal' on the outside but fight a battle inside that I can't imagine – you are my heroes! I think of my friends whose minds have the beginning stages of Alzheimer's' and who know that they are losing their capacity to envision a good future and the hope for healing – you are my heroes! I think of my friends whose daily struggle to put food on the table, provide for their families and work endless hours to create a better future – you are my heroes! I think of my friends who have lost their spouses, children, or loved ones and who have to go through the holidays with large holes in their hearts that cannot be filled – you are my heroes! I think of my friends whose hearts have been broken, whose spirits have been wounded and who are afraid to love or be loved again – you are my heroes! I thinking of my friends who do not have a home at this point and who have to look at windows decorated with warmth and spend their nights in the cold – you are my heroes!

Most of us live semi carefree lives, lives that might be filled with small inconveniences but still safe and secure. Let's be thankful for that. Most of us live with enough (food, shelter, love, warmth). Let's be thankful for that. Most of us have what we need and could easily give a bit – what a privilege and gift! As we enter the holiday season, let's remember the people around us. We don't know what each person we encounter is carrying, but we each can make a difference and have a kind word, a smile, a small gift and grace. Maybe even an invitation to a warm meal, a moment for them to forget the difficulties of their lives. It does not take much!

Today, after finally feeling better, Jim took me for a drive to see the fall colors around our city, we stopped for a cup of coffee and enjoyed some time together. It did not take much, but reminded me how precious and beautiful life is!

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