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I see you

April 3, 2023

”I see you”

A phrase that became famous during the movie Avatar. It was accompanied by the gesture of moving your hand to your forehead and then extending an open hand towards the other person. I just love the idea. “I see you” - in a world where our faces are glued to the screen, where our politics want to separate us, where our religion creates barriers, where our skin color determines our worth.

“I see you” means that I am aware of you, that I see the whole of you, that you are not alone on this journey, that you are not forgotten.
“I see you” means that I acknowledge and value all of you, that we might disagree on things, but that I still value you as a person.
“I see you” means that I look the homeless in the face, joining her and my humanity together.
“I see you” means that the teen who lives in a different world still finds an anchor in our family, our larger community.
“I see you” means, that despite the different political views, I still see you has a human being created uniquely and beautiful.
“I see you” means, that at City Council meetings or Board of Supervisor meetings, I listen well and don’t judge before hearing the whole story and walking in someone’s shoes.
“I see you” means that I love people whose life choices are different from mine, because we are all created in the image of God.
“I see you” means that I am patient, kind, and aware of people around me.
“I see you” is always God’s loving eyes looking at me and reminding me that I am not alone.

But, the reality is, when you see me today, you might see me most likely in a hurry, and if you do, please remind me to ‘see you.’

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