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Our unique traditions and habits

December 11, 2023

I am taking Twinkies to Germany. I just have to love it! My sister asked me if she could order some things to bring to Germany when we come. I said yes. I was not expecting a Walmart order of of DingDongs and Twinkies and honey covered pretzels. It just made me laugh. Stuff that I would consider junk has become a treasure for my sister. Beate loves to visit the USA and I am sure that these snacks reminded her of memories she has of a trip here. But for me it just looks like junk.

Which made me think of all the things that I would consider a treasure and others would look at me in wonderment only seeing junk. I guess the phrase beauty is in the eye of the beholder is true even for Twinkies.

This made me think about all the different traditions, habits, preferences, and quirks we have. Everyone is so different, so unique and I enjoy discovering people's traditions and habits and hobbies and stories. Jim and I have a tradition to go to a Chinese Restaurant on Christmas Eve, because our first Christmas together was in China, and so for 37 years we have had Chinese food on Christmas eve (yes, even during the COVID pandemic). Or our habit to always have books around us to pick up and read. Or the quirk that we do not have a TV in our home. We use a projector for the occasional movie or show.

What are your traditions, or the things that are uniquely yours? Do you know the story behind it? Do you share it with others? What are the unique habits you have or the foods that make your heart jump for joy?

There is an old story told of the family tradition to have a ham for the holidays, but the ends of the ham are cut off before it goes in the oven. When a young family member asked why they cut off the ends, the mom said "I don't know, but we have always done it this way." That began the journey of why. They learned that their Great grandmother did not have a pot big enough to fit the ham, and so ended up cutting off the ends. We might smile at this, but how many traditions, how many habits have been developed without knowing why.

As we enter the holiday season, find out what the back story of your traditions and habits and quirks are. I am sure these are times you are just going to love.

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