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There is room at the table

October 2, 2023

I was sitting in my study and watched our birds at the feeder. The little sparrows were everywhere! A dozen at the feeder itself, another 10 on the ground looking for extras. It was a delight to watch. Then came the dove, being bigger it startled all the small birds who scrambled away. it took a while to get settled on the feeder and the small birds started coming back. The dove however was so adamant at managing the table that it kept pecking at the small birds making them flee, only to return. As I was watching this, I noticed that dove never got to eat at all. It spent all its energy to keep others off the table that it had no time to enjoy the free food.

That made me think about how many times we do this in our lives. We might not be a big bird, but we still often come into a situation and want to take over, trying to fight off the competition, trying to be be biggest at the table, yet in the process never getting to enjoy a common meal, never enjoying a meal at all.

Or how politicians come to the table, not willing to share in the abundance of what is available and trying to create impossible situations for everyone. Or church leadership who sees it as a competition sport instead of wonderful feast. Or parents at sports games with their kids who create rivalry instead of teamwork. Or the boss who takes all the credit instead of celebrating the abundant table.

There is enough room at the table, the meal is prepared and we all get to share in it together, we do not need to compete, we do not need to fight over who has the most. If we could come together to sit at the table, to enjoy the abundance of the feast, life would be so much more enjoyable and we all would have something good to eat.

The dove never learned it’s lesson, her work of keeping the small birds off the table made her frustrated and she took off without ever eating a bite.

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