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2,649 Miles Away... give or take a few!

Empowering people means I don't have to be there all the time! This week I am in Greensboro North Carolina, and I know that the amazing work of ABCD is still going on:

In Winton, there will be an English - Spanish Conversation Class going on, people will still receive emergency food, youth still come in to use the computers and the VITA program is still happening.

  • In the Meadows the kids are cared for by Lilian, will do their homework, learn a new skill and are empowered to move forward.

  • The Bus Boutique is being put back together to out into the community.

  • Laurel is handling office stuff.

  • PACT meeting is getting scheduled

I can rest know that community members got this!

Because we know that everyone has a gift!

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