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A Note from FATZ

I just found this note from Adrian. When I first got to know him, Adrian was working under the Welfare to work program at the Winton Community Center.

This is what he wrote one day:

"I moved here from Delhi which is also a rural area and I like that about Winton. I want to be a part of of this center. I need to learn more about working with the community, that way maybe I can help make some changes here. My kids are growing up and I don't want them walking around out of my sight. I think our biggest issue here now is the violence. I don't know how to stop it."

Several months later Adrian became our 2nd AmeriCorps member in Winton and started learning some tools for community engagement and change. Adrian had an amazing gift with the young people and helped several of them finish their high school diplomas and stay out of trouble.

After his program was finished Adrian used his educational award and went back to school to become a chef. This single dad of 6 is still making a difference--in his home, by being a great dad and role model, and by breaking the cycle of poverty by having a full-time time job--and in the community, by still connecting with young people and helping them find their way.

Never doubt what a single person can accomplish! We are proud of Adrian!

Congratulations FATZ!

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