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Call it.. A Successful Day!

A former drug addict, a single mom, a homeless couple, 3 undocumented women, a man who has not received a paycheck in years, and a person with dementia.... you put these men and women together on a task and you have a beautiful picture of community.

We have a saying that "everyone no matter how rich has a need and everyone no matter how poor has a gift" and last week that once again became evident.

Every one of the people who helped with the Bus Boutique this weekend used their amazing gifts, passions and dreams: organizational skills, ability to drive the big bus, a sense and purpose that makes the bus look like an upscale boutique, a servant heart, a deep understanding of the homeless issue, and a very unbiased care for people. These people helped dozens of homeless people receive good clothing, a smile and a little bit of heaven.

There are two ways to look at people: you can either see the needs, the inabilities, the dysfunctions, or you can see their gifts and skills that make them so unique and so powerful.

At LifeLine CDC we want to focus on the glass half full! We want to see people with their potential. We want to give them opportunities to be part of making their community a better place, to change their lives as well as the lives of people around them.

So, bring it on! Because when you see broken pieces, we will look for the mosaic God can build using them!

As for my friends: well done!!!! Thank you for using your gifts.

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