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Can a Bench be a Sign of Community Transformation?

I love benches; they feel inviting and comforting to me. When I see one, I want to stop and just sit a moment, I want to watch people, talk to people, read a book or just relax--a bench always invites me to sit!

While most people don't think about what they see while walking through a neighborhood, I love observing what goes on, what does it look like, how many people are out, what activities are going on.

Yesterday, while in the Loughborough area I saw a bench in front of one of the apartments and my heart leaped! To me it is a sign of community transformation. To me it is a sign of change!

I know there are many reasons why there could be a bench in front of an apartment, but to me it is a sign of transformation. People stepping out of their homes and building relationships!

I can't wait to sit on the bench with the neighbor and find out more!

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