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Celebrating Chris Zimmerman

Today was Chris's funeral--though his body was too frail from the cancer to continue--his impact will be felt for a long time. Rev. Ron Perry talked about the ripples we leave, and that is true of Chris.

In his work with computers he was always on the lookout for equipment for our work. When Dr. Carter upgraded his system, Chris helped us receive the computers. Chris upgraded them and made sure that they were ready to go to help people.

Now the computers are being used daily: a child doing her homework; a teen checking his Facebook; a young adult filling out job applications; a senior citizen learning computer skills so that she can Facebook with her grandchildren--and discover online shopping; a person signing up for food stamps; another person working on his GED; another looking up a location, or the definition of a word, or finding a recipe.

Every day we can see Chris's ripples as he leaves a legacy in his community.

He understood that his love for God translated to his love for people, and that God had given him gifts to share with others.

Thank you Chris, you will be missed, but your legacy goes on.

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