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Compassion or Contempt?

I am sitting in a fun coffee shop in Modesto after being at the Modesto Catalyst, a place where 100 + people collaborate for the betterment of the Modesto Community.

Desperation leads to collaboration which can lead to innovation.

Randy White spoke, he is the director of the FPU Center for Community Transformation. Randy has lived and worked in Fresno for over 20 years and has seen much change. He shared the history of Fresno and how working together has made a big difference.

Which reminded me of the picture I took a couple of days ago:

Just like a tree cannot stand on a single root, so a community cannot be strong on just a few resources. We need each other!

Much attention has been given to Standford's Collective Impact:

  • A common agenda

  • Shared measurements

  • Mutually reinforcing activities

  • Continuous communication

  • Backbone support

It takes all of us to make it happen! Cities transform not because of one great leader but because of people coming together around a common goal.

P.S. wonder about the title? How do we see people and communities? With passion? Or with contempt?

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