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Health Involved Every Part of Us

A couple of weeks ago several of our Winton volunteers went to the Castle Clinic Summer Health Festival. They have an amazing free health screening that has helped so many families in our areas.

Our team was present to share about the work of LifeLine CDC in Winton and Rose put a powerful video together to show some the things that can happen when people care enough to act.

A couple of days ago we got this e-mail from the Clinic:

"Thank you all for attending our 4th Annual Summer Health Festival. Your participation and support helped us get our largest attendance to date! This year we saw over 1,300 people come through the front doors. We were able to provide 227 glucose screenings, 29 breast exams, 144 blood pressure screenings, 78 hearing screenings, 242 vision screenings, 80 sports physicals, 145 t-dap vaccinations, and 101 well child exams. A special Thank you to Dr. Patel's staff at the California Sleep Center for conducting 51 spirometry tests and Mercy Medical Center for 71 body composition screenings.

Thank you all for your commitment to our community...."

They have done an amazing work and we grateful to be part of it.

Working together for health in every aspect of life!

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