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Health Needed for ALL.

We are excited to partner with the Merced County Health Department and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in the "Partnership to Improve Community Health".

For years small under-resourced communities and neighborhoods have been overlooked in their needs for access to health. Access to healthy food options, access to safe exercise opportunities, access to resources to know how to prevent and manage chronic diseases and stress.

But also, for years the Merced County Health Department has been working in various areas to bring health to the communities. Community gardens are popping up, nutrition classes are in small community centers, and Zumba classes are found in school cafeterias.

We are grateful for the opportunity to work in partnership to bring more healthy options first to the Winton Community and the two other areas.

We will be talking with Winton neighbors to learn about their interests, find out what they are already doing to stay healthy and what they would like to see happening.

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