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"I See Gifted People"

I wish you could have been a fly on the wall today! I love having Dorothy with me for 6 hours a week. Her amazing organizational skills and her ability to think strategically is becoming invaluable to me and our time together is a highlight of my week.

We have at saying at LifeLine that, "Everyone has a need. Everyone has a gift. That is why we build and celebrate community."

When I am with Dorothy I see that clearly.

Today we dreamed and planned about a process that was a BIG elephant for me. So as I was telling her about it and sharing my dream with her--she started writing notes, asking questions and before I knew it my dream was becoming a strategic plan!

I had tears in my eyes when we were done because what just seemed like a dream now had steps and processes attached to it which made it much more possible.

She is just one of the examples of the gifted people I get to be surrounded by.

I do see gifted people everywhere!

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