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"I want to thank..." and a Summer BBQ

This is graduation week. From the youngest to the oldest all of them have a buzz of excitement and anticipation. From the simplest to the most elegant event people are dressed up, flowers and balloons are everywhere and the stadiums are filled with family and friends to celebrate this event with the students.

Last night a student at the Adult school shared her story of living in a refugee camp for 10 years before coming to America as a young adult. She shared about her sacrifices to go to school for the first time and raise her 4 children and then she thanked the many people who were part of this part of the journey, people who walked beside her, supported her and helped her. THAT IS COMMUNITY!

Then there was the young 8th grader who thanked everyone for their support and help as he learned to become a public speaker (and boy could he speak!) and who helped him to become the person he is today. THAT IS COMMUNITY!

At every graduation we heard it again and again "we could not have done it without you", "you have been our support", "thank you!"

That is what community is all about, to stand by each other, to help each other, to be there for each other, to trust each other, to connect in a deeper sense.

It seems so natural to express this during graduation week, why can we not live it out a little more during the rest of the year?

What if this summer we would spend time with our neighbors? What if we do BBQ's and garden work together? What if we would build community with the people around us, share the veggies we grow and share life together.

What if at the end of this summer we could honestly say to each other "I want to thank...."?

What is the first step you are going to take?

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