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If You Hold a Seed

Tonight, I will be speaking to 60+ men at the Chowchilla Men’s Prison. As they are on their journey of healing I have an opportunity to share my story and do some teaching around it.

This time I am using a children’s book called “If you hold a seed” - the story of a little boy who plants a seed and has to wait a very loooooooooong time to see the end result.

There is a beautiful parable in the Bible about a farmer who goes out and seeds the ground (check out: Mark Chapter 4).

I am thinking about the good farmer, who picks the right soil and drops the seeds at the right time, waters it, makes sure is has good lighting etc. etc. etc. Many people I encounter though have a different story, they might not have developed a good root system, or are misshaped in some ways. But they are learning and growing, to dig deeper, to make sure they get to the source of all good things and to make a difference in the next generation.

So today we will talk about our hearts, minds and souls and what seeds we are sowing and what results we will find.

I always love going there, in preparation, I always learn something new for myself.

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