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Is God Responsible for Human Suffering?

I watched a YouTube video of a young lady thanking and praising God for answered prayer! I was excited about a teenager being so expressive in worship until I listened more closely and my heart broke and I was deeply saddened by it. She and a number of young people were praying for God to reveal Himself to the many atheists in this world .... and within 24 hours the Tsunami in Japan happened and over 18,000 people were killed, hundreds of thousands homeless and nuclear waste devastating nature.

She was so pleased with God's answer! Asking for more of it to happen.

She does not know the God of love and mercy, does not know the God of grace, does not know the God of justice. Will God really create a disaster like that to get His children's attention? Will HE forsake all those people created in His image? Not the God of the New Testament. Not the God who provided justice through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. One sacrifice for all!

As I was thinking about this I thought of all the opportunities to let people hear about the 'real' God. The God who waits for the lost son to return, who looks for the lost sheep, searches for the coin. The God who moved into the neighborhood to show His love and mercy and express His love.

I love the heart of our volunteers who are not shy of living out the Good News of Jesus Christ and to give answer to their reason to their hope.

May God be glorified with every person being touched, every child being loved, every neighborhood transformed!

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