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Leading by Stepping Back

Winton is a small unincorporated town in the Central Valley with a rich mixture of people, from established farmers to migrant workers, representing all colors, socio-economic ranges, cultures and ages. With it comes a richness and diversity that can be so much fun and yet so fragmented.'

Winton LifeLine Community Center has been playing its part in bringing community members together for the common good of "Putting Winton on the map for something good".

Among the many things that are happening there, recently there was a greater interest in starting a Spanish-English Conversation Class and so we helped organize it. For the first few weeks, Jill and I led the training but then came the day when neither of us could do it and Vero, our Community Connector did it!

That was the changing point in the class! Vero is bilingual and understands both cultures and took this class to a greater level. As she put it: "we had so much fun! I had to kick them out at 9:30pm!" (the class started at 6pm)

If Jill and I had persisted in leading it, it would have been a good class, but Vero leading changed the dynamics and made it so much better.

Sometimes leading means - stepping back!

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