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Life IS Hard!

Today was not my best day. I hate to be misunderstood, accused and told like my motives were all wrong. I become defense and respond poorly when that happens. It brings up old junk and pain and I rebel......

As I think about Community Development work, I realize that we are all broken, with pains and sorrows and misconceptions and things that trigger us and .. So, the question is how do we overcome it? How do we deal with the pain that comes from miscommunication?

First I want to lash out (which of course does nothing), then I want to justify myself (also not the best idea) then I want to explain my reasoning (getting better), then after a few days I might be able to step back far enough to get a better perspective, learn from the situation, rebuild a relationship, continue to invest in the people and recognize that we are all on a journey.

But today, as I was driving back to my office I wanted to quit what I was doing and retreat into a nice and safe job (I think I could find something) but then I realize that my passion will always be to empower people and to give 2nd chances, and speak truth into people's lives.... but for today I just go home, sleep and do it again tomorrow. Because: I serve a God who is all about redemption, second chances and new tomorrow I will start over!

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