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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! It's 5:00am on Monday morning and I sit in my chair looking at our Christmas tree. It doesn't look very impressive.... a green fake tree with some ornaments that only have meaning to Jim and I, a few glass bulbs that we had for years and a few unwrapped presents underneath it. There is already dust collecting under the tree (blame it on our active dogs) and the tree is even a little lopsided this year... all in all it is NOT impressive at all!

But then you turn on the lights and everything changes! It is almost magical. The fake tree comes to life, the glass bulbs glitter and sparkle, the ornaments bring a smile to my face and the other imperfections are not as obvious any longer and are almost charming.

As I think about it... it is kind of like my walk with Christ! Without His light in my life to make things come alive, I am a rather boring, lopsided, dusty person. There is sin that is hanging on me like dull Christmas bulbs, there are stories of brokenness, joy and pain hanging on me like Christmas ornaments. There is dust collecting in parts of life that should be way more alive than they are.

But then I let the light of Jesus come into my life and everything changes! When His light lights up my world I am no longer boring and lopsided. The sin that hangs unto me is being taken away and replaced with new things, the ornaments of hurts, joys and pains are being illuminated by His love and used to let other people find healing and hope. And the dust that collected is being swept away and cleaned out.

That's why I love Christmas! Without His light in our lives, no matter how hard we try, we just can't seem to make things bright and shiny.

This Christmas I want to see the wonder of His transformation power that came when a little baby boy was born. When God moved into the neighborhood!

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