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My Picture was in the SunStar Today!

But they failed to mention, it took a group of people to make it all possible.

There was Tunde who keeps organizing activities for the children in the Merced Meadows. There was Lynette, who helps the kids with their homework and wanted to give them a special treat.

There was Judy whose big white van is as big as her heart as she took the time to transport the kids.

There was Rita, from the library, who was gracious enough to let us come to be part of the Gingerbread House making, despite the fact that I missed the date to register, forgot the goodies and had children under 4 with me.

There were the other parents and children who were at the library and shared their gummy bears and M&M's, licorice and other candies with us.

There is the young man (about age 10) who sat across from me and helped me figure out what I was doing.

Whatever I do, I realize I am never doing it alone--I am surrounded by amazing people and together we are making a difference!

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