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My Tribe

I am reading “Tribe” on homecoming and belonging by Sebastian Junger… interesting read on the deep need to belong and the countless stories

of wartimes where people in deep destress and fear where happier than during peace time.

Where people almost longed back to the chaotic times because it pulled them together into community since they needed each other.

I am also reading “Tribes” by Seth Godin about the need to belong and the synergy that happens when people work together and move beyond themselves.

Tonight, I will speak at the Chowchilla Men’s Prison and my topic will be “Who are you following? Who are you leading?”

Talking about our need to connect, our broken family and social structures and our deep longing for each other to be connected to a ‘tribe’. Most of the men I encounter tonight have grown up in broken homes (the first and most important community) and have experienced trauma at a young age which spiraled down from there.

Many facing a life sentence…. so, the question is: ‘who are you following now? Can you become more aware of the impact your upbringing had and can you follow a different model now… and then who will follow you?”

We need to ask ourselves the same question: Who am I following? What tribe do I belong to? Who is following me and why?

Many ills of our world can be healed by being part of a beloved community, a place where we can heal, grow, and move ahead.

Do you have this community? Are you this community?

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