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Of Crabgrass and Habits

I am spending most of my day digging crabgrass out of a neglected raised bed. As I pry out the shoots, loosen the root and try to rid the bed of as much as possible, I realize how much easier it would have been had I done a little every day or so and kept up with the weeding. But I got busy with other things and now it is a major undertaking.

Which reminded me of life: there are things I should be doing regularly; things I should keep up with, but then life gets busy and now it is a major undertaking. There are the habits that I have neglected or developed, the routine things that should happen or shouldn't, the sins (the stuff you know is wrong) that have crept into my life and now are a major undertaking to rip out again.

. . . My break is over. I need to go back to digging some more . . . and while I am at it I will think about the other things in my life that might need some tending.

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