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One Life to Live!

That is all we've got! One life that tells us more about what we believe about eternity than any sermon ever spoken. One life that will determine how I will stand before God. Will I see Him and tremble in fear because I wasted it? Or will I look into His eyes as He smiles, "well done good and faithful servant"?

I received a book this Christmas, 1000 Gifts, that is making me look at my life a little different. I am starting to see that my life is not a 50 year sprint but a long slow marathon. A run that will take all my energy, all that I have, but in the process I will see things I would never see if I were running a sprint.

In a sprint you've got to keep your eyes on the goal--it is such a short distance, that every step counts, every breath makes a difference. But in a marathon, you have to pace yourself, you have time to look around, see things, enjoy the beauty of life, see your friends cheering you on, see the wild flower along the path. You can enjoy the breaks without feeling guilty, knowing that you can only sustain it if you have the right focus.

I know the picture is not perfect, but I realize that I want to live my life deeper. I want to see God's amazing grace in the small things, enjoy the beauty, the unexpected, and the small wins.

In a world where I am constantly asked how I or LifeLine CDC has made a difference--how many people showed up, how much money was raised, how many places I have spoken at--I want to start looking at the small wonders of life, the connections that are being built, the smile on a child when she receives a small token that means so much to her.

Because it is not always the big things that make a difference, it is the small things--the child that was loved enough to have better self-esteem, the person who learned a small new skill and is now sharing it with others, the older person who was heard when she shared her life story.

The next time you see me, ask me about the small gifts in life, the small successes, the small blessings.

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