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One Life to Live? NOT True!

We often say that we only have one life to live... but I wonder if that is really accurate. Yes, I am responsible for the one life I live, responsible for my choices, my thinking, my action.

But I am also responsible for my reactions to other people's lives, my response when I hear their stories. Because my response in turn will change their response to life.

Taking time to hear people's stories is so important. Unless we know where people have come from we only see the today. When we see their hearts, hear their stories, and interact with it, we get to celebrate (or condemn) their heritage.... we are part of their life story in the way we react to it.

Last night I heard stories of people, personal stories, stories of transformation, stories of pain, stories of excitement. Last night I had to make the decision of being open with my life or only tell what people want to hear, feel comfortable with, or can accept. Last night every person in the room had to make that decision and it created a beautiful tapestry of life, interwoven and held together by the grace of God in everyone of our stories.

I get to live a little of your life, get to hear your story and become part of your future. I get to live part of you life through my reaction to your story! And you get to be part of my story too!

So, come on by, lets sit down, I would love to hear your story!

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