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Opinions Without Values

I heard this quote recently (wish I could take credit). Over the last few weeks this has really struck me.

We often have opinions without underlying values

Our Facebook pages and call-in-radio shows, our TV stations and our campaign trails are filled with lots of opinions that come across as facts and become judgements.

When we have conversations I often find that we don't even listen to each other (I am probably the worst) and already have made up our mind without checking them against our values.

Do we even know what our values are any longer? Do we take the time to think through the ramifications of our opinions? Do we understand the unintended consequences of our decisions?

I find myself in so many situations where I have to question my own judgements and have to sift them through my value system. But that takes time and we often run so quickly from one opinion to another that we just don't have time to bother with our values.

We speak for the sake of saying something not for the sake of learning and growing in the process and making this world a better place. So, if I don't respond quickly and don't have an answer, maybe I am thinking about it.

My opinions can either become insights or judgements.... the choice is up to me.

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