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Our Christmas Gifts are ON the Tree!

Imagine a Christmas tree that is filled with the skills and abilities of people...

Every person who walked into Winton LifeLine Community Center received a Christmas ornament and was asked to write one of their gifts, skills or abilities that they are willing to share with the community. Then we hung them on the tree and the result is this beautiful tree filled with gifts.

It was different kind of experience and people were a little puzzled... but in the end we got to know each other and enjoy the giftedness of each person.

Wednesday after Christmas we will celebrate a community meal and as we talked about it in the context of the gifts and abilities several community members wanted to help in various ways... cook a turkey... bring tamales... bring some drinks.

LifeLine CDC has a saying "Everyone no matter how rich has a need. Everyone no matter how poor has a gift. That is why we build and celebrate community."

Merry Christmas!

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