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Our Van and Justice

Our 26-year-old van did not pass smog and it might be time to retire it. We were kind of expecting that, since it has been making all kinds of 'noises' and gears were slipping and the front windshield crack was getting bigger and ......

But this van has been so faithful over the years!

Before we inherited it, it was used to transport developmentally challenged people to worksites and took youth to Mexico for mission trips. For the past 8 years it has transported people, food, paint, more people, furniture, trash and many other things.

This van was used for graffiti abatement - volunteers painting over gang signs to make the town more beautiful.

It is was used to transport people - youth to see their parole officers, kids to see movies, elderly to enjoy the park.

It was used to pick up food so that people in the community had access to healthy foods.

It was used to transport tools to help clean up yards of senior citizens who needed help.

It was used to move furniture for people who needed help.

It was used for .... You name it!

Now it is time to retire our faithful old van and we are all a little sad. There is so much history, so many conversations, so many laughs.

What does it have to do with justice though?

At LifeLine CDC believe that everyone has something to contribute to the wellbeing of the community. When we bring people together to exchange their giftedness and their skills synergy happens.

The former gangster who knows the justice system and can assist youth get the help they need to succeed.

The graffiti artist who is helping create a beautiful mural.

The senior who was helped who brings the fruit of his trees to the center to share.

The handyman who can fix just about anything who helps seniors.

All this contributes to a more just society, to a community that is better off today than it was yesterday.

Our poor van has to go... but the work continues!

You will be missed.

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