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Pokémon GO and The Middle Class Lifestyle

To give our kids the best chances, the best highs schools to prep them for college, good colleges to ensure a good job, and then the corporate ladder game to insure job security and financial freedom... here too, we are chasing unimaginable things and leaving reality behind.

I am not advocating for leaving our work or not ensuring the best education for our children, but when was the last time we looked up?

When was the last time we made a real connection with each other?

We are so busy chasing whatever it is we are chasing that we don't have time for lives any longer.

I find myself going from one day to another, always in a hurry to get ahead and yet never getting there. I can't believe how fast the year is flying by and I have been fascinated, irritated, bewildered, angered, amused, and intrigued by the Pokémon Go craze that is going on right now.

Why would people have spent so much time and energy on chasing unimaginable things and leaving reality behind?

But then I realized that many of us in the middle-class lifestyle do the same. We trying to catch all the important things in our lives... the right pre-school how children grow up into college students. When was the last time I looked up?

Let's be more mindful or eyeful or communal and not get distracted by little trinkets we are trying to catch along the way. Let's just enjoy the moment and take the time to really live.

By the way, I do see a number of benefits in the game: people are out and about seeing things they have not seen in years, people are getting their 10,000 steps in, people are connecting more frequently, so, it's not all bad.

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