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Sharing Tray Food is being Repurposed!

The writer of Psalm 140 states: “I know that the LORD secures justice for the poor and upholds the cause of the needy” but how much do WE really know of the poor and how we do assist God in bringing justice to them?

For many of us, the poor and homeless are ‘those’ people; the ones we feed at Thanksgiving or give a hand out… but there is so much more to them… they all have stories and none of them said to themselves “I want to become a poor, homeless person.”

Through our Continuum of Care program that addresses the homeless issue we learned that our schools have to throw out the food that a child has had on their tray but does not eat. So, every day, hundreds of items, that are completely sealed, and in great condition end up in the trash… while many homeless go hungry.

Through a partnership with the school district we are able to pick up the food from the cafeterias and deliver them at the homeless shelter where the fruit, veggies, and milk are being used to provide nutritious meals to the homeless.

The other exciting part is that the eyes of understanding are opened to many of the people who are part of this venture. The people working in the school cafeterias are grateful that they don’t have to throw out the good foods any longer, the people who pick up the food have opportunities to build relationships with the school staff and the homeless shelter, people are being exposed to the homeless issue and learn more about caring for them and pursuing justice on their behalf.

When a face has a name and a story we become invested in addressing the justice issue, and through this initiative over 20 people are getting involved in being the hands and feet of Jesus in our community.

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