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Someone is STEALING from ME!

I am not sure what is happening, but someone keeps stealing from me. Every week is getting shorter; every day seems to end before I am done with the task list.

In Germany we have a book called Momo where little grey men steal time and smoke it away from people who believe that they can save it.

I too think I can save some time: I trade more quick Facebook updates for fewer deep conversations, I do one intensive work-out instead of a few regularly scheduled times to keep my body healthy, I check my work e-mails before I get to work so that I can take it off my to-do list, and I wolf down my lunch while I work--all of this, just to save some time . . .

The little 'grey men' smoking away my time while I desperately try to save some.

But deep down, I long for relationships where you and I share life together, I yearn for long walks with my husband to get the exercise I need, I want to give my full attention to my e-mails, and I want to chew my meals and actually taste them.

So, enough is enough! I am getting after the "grey men!" I am fighting off the time thieves and learning to enjoy life to the fullest.

So tomorrow, when you see me hurry --ask me about the grey men!

Maybe it will remind me that a meaningful life cannot be hurried!

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