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Surrounded by Amazing People

Being thankful does not come easy to me. I have to think about things that make me thankful, you know, beyond the, "I am thankful for God, my family, my dog . . ."

But as I got to reflect the last few days on the amazing people I am surrounded by, I can only be thankful.

David--with his quick brain and mathematical abilities; he is the perfect fit for the VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) program.

Ernie--who has more resources in his head than anybody I know, and who cares for the seniors like they are his parents.

Desi--young and full of energy; she brings spunk into the office, and her quick mind grasps things fast.

Veronica--bi-lingual with a sweet and confident spirit; she is helping countless people in the community.

Veronica (# 2) and her children--all of whom have a passion to give back to the community through painting, organizing, cleaning and many other skills.

Fred--a "we can do it" attitude that does not set limits on what can be done when people care enough to act.

Dorothy--whose time together I treasure and who has single-handedly gotten me organized :)

Jamie--whose technical expertise and tenacity to figure things out has created a beautiful website and many forms to help keep track of things.

Sherry--a deep thinker, and my dreaming and praying partner who challenges my thinking.

Jill--has a passion for assisting people in moving forward, she gives all she has for the cause, and her integrity is an example to me.

Rose--the ever encouraging woman of God who gives of herself and cares deeply for her neighborhood.

Tunde--a heart of gold, a deep rooted peace that creates safety and trust in a neighborhood filled with violence, he can bring calmness to any situation.

Al--whose extensive travels and long work history brings a knowledge base to our team that we all enjoy and need.

Lynette--a gifted teacher who does not want any child to miss out on a good education.

Jim (yes, that is my Jim)--whose constant support, encouragement, brilliant ideas and help make much of this possible.

LifeLine board members who each bring so much to the organization.

And there are dozens of other people who inspire, encourage, teach, support and spur me on.

I am surrounded by amazing people and often wonder how it is possible that I get to do what I do and get paid for it!

I am thankful for each of you and grateful to a creator God who makes all of us so unique, because we know, "Everyone no matter how poor has a gift. Everyone no matter how rich has a need. That is why we build and celebrate community."

Happy Thanksgiving!

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