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A Labor Day Thank You!

Labor Day - I could only find pictures of manual labor and yet, when I look at our employees there is so much more than their physical labor!

They have deep conversations with people looking for jobs, they listen to the broken hearted, they give resources and empower community members, they care for children that are often overlooked, they work on the garden to feed others, they work together to clean up graffiti to make their neighborhoods better... they do so much more.

All of our staff has come through difficult times and have been struggling to make things work, but their good hearts, their willingness to make a difference in other people's lives, their passion to "empower impoverished neighborhoods to thrive" makes a difference in the lives of the people around them. While they themselves struggle they are helping others in their struggle.

They struggle to find meaningful labor, work that pays enough for them to be independent of the systems that have initially been created as safety nets, but now often feel more like an anchor.

They work hard on learning new skills and teaching those skills to others so that they can succeed. They are part of the 'labor force' to make our world run. And we could not do without them!

So, THANK YOU to our staff, thank you to programs that place them, thank you to our supporters who make it possible to help people find dignity in work.

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