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The Big Nail on my desk keeps reminding me . . .

Every year before Easter I pull of out a big nail from my cabinet as a reminder that justice is not free. In my work with people, from small to big, I encounter the issues of justice. The little ones when they experience the consequences of their actions--"it's not fair." The men and women that want to be treated fairly, but only by their standards The grown-ups who often don't think much about moral responsibility until it affects them personally.

In my own personal life I think, "it's not fair." I often complain when my personal standards are violated. Just yesterday I could have spit fire for oh so small an issue that was just not "right."

We all have a moral compass; a sense of right and wrong. God made us that way, and no matter which culture you encounter, they all have rules and guidelines for life. Society cannot function without them. Some things are just wrong and need to be punished! God has guidelines as well. Rules that need to be followed and when they are not obeyed, there too needs to be a punishment.

And while God demands justice, He also knows that the punishment for us breaking His moral law would be impossible to bear. So He made a different way!

That is why I have the nail on my desk, as a reminder that the price for my disobedience (sin) was paid and that it was not cheap. As a reminder that I don't have to live under the guilt of my disobedience and that I don't have to worry about the punishment.

With this comes freedom. Like a prisoner being pardoned, like a mistake forgiven, like a soul set free.

This Easter, I want to soar in the knowledge that God has made a way so that God's demand for justice has been satisfied!

Thank you Jesus!

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