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The Grain of Sand that Stopped a Big Bus

For the last few months we have been trying to drive the bus… it would stutter and jump…it would start and stop, it would go a little and stall. We knew something was wrong and so we asked for advice from our friends and experts. Dan, Jim, John, Paul, Robert…. and many referred us to their friends thought about it, worked on it and gave advice.

We had so much support and help, it was wonderful but nothing seemed to work. So the men started taking things apart, one piece at a time. Looking everywhere to determine what the problem was ... and then they was found! A grain of sand had lodged itself in the accelerator pump! A huge bus stopped by a grain of sand!

It reminded me of life… how many times are things just not working right or not working at all. We call in the experts, we get advice, we take things apart, read the latest books, look for quick fixes and easy answers and then we finally find it. That seemingly small sin that we didn’t confess.

The resentment we harbored. The lack of time with God. The business of life that steals our joys. While these seem like grains of sand on the ocean of life and the big things we encounter like jobs, raising a family, church work, sports, a failing economy and foreclosed homes, they are the little things that stop our lives.

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