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Through the Eyes of a Child

This picture depicts what our friends in under-resourced communities go through...

(on the left) surrounded by walls, monsters lurking around the corners, little progress and if often feels like going in circles.

Not a day goes by where I don’t encounter the pain of people we get to work with. Heartbreaking stories with no ending in site. Some self-inflicted, most often though part of a larger system that makes it difficult to move forward. There are so many stories I could tell you where people want to become participating citizens, but their back stories, their poverty and the broken systems make it difficult. The right side of the picture is the community vision and we get to see a little of it when people get together and make amazing things happen: * Engaging with at risk youth to share their experiences * Praying with a mom who is struggling * Helping a senior get some nutritious vegetables from the garden * Helping children with homework * Engaging with a widower whose son was murdered * Bringing people together and building a safety net in the community to make it safer * Learning to speak up for themselves and making their communities a better place * Learning job skills that will move them beyond poverty * Getting to know their Creator and Restorer God better through conversations, Bible studies and mind-fullness * Loving their neighbors It takes about 365 people giving $365 a year to make this happen. You might already be giving - Thank you - but if you don’t would you consider making this one time gift to help cover the expenses for 12 month. Together we empower impoverished neighborhoods to thrive! Thank you - Monika Grasley LifeLine is a 501c3 and all donations are tax deductible. You can mail a check to LifeLine CDC 731 E Yosemite Ave Ste B # 165, Merced CA 95340 Or you can go on our (revised) website: and do it electronically. Or click here:

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