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Unruly Misfit

I am sitting at home working on our 990 report (non-profit version of a tax return). This never comes easy to me and working on it for hours and days makes me realize how little money many non-profits are usually dealing with….

I got a text from a friend just encouraging me. She was sharing about some (society deemed) ‘unruly misfits’ she got to know and love and work with to empower them to discover their passions and purpose.

I am an ‘unruly misfit’ in our society, I don’t spent money on clothing, follow the latest trends, worry about climbing the career ladder, attending the right social clubs, speak the right language or fit into some of social norms.

I am also a ‘unruly misfit’ in my Christian walk. I don’t care about appearances, care less about how big or fancy the church is I attend, don’t worry about being in the ‘in’ crowd or ‘politically correct’. I question God often, even have been angry with Him and don’t always have a ‘joyful heart.’

I am an ‘unruly misfit’ in my personal life. I don’t care about a big house, a fancy car or the biggest whatever. I don’t have children (although an amazing husband). I don’t like sports or fancy clothing, but love books on my shelves.

I guess the bigger question should be: who defines who a misfit is?

Jesus was an ‘unruly misfit’. He grew up to a single mom, grew up as a refugee, didn’t obey all the government rules, was homeless and poor, paid for the crimes of others… and the list goes on.

I guess sometimes it is good to be an ‘unruly misfit’.

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