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Upside Down Kingdom

In 1865 America officially abolished slavery in the US, but since then we have found many other ways to keep people down. Redlining and lending laws still kept minorities in ‘their place,’ we created rules that still help the rich to get richer and the poor to get poorer.

It is human nature to want more power, to be in charge, to have control... since the beginning of time people have fought for domination.

In 8 days is Christmas, and no matter where you stand about the claims of Christ, reality is “God moved into the neighborhood” (John 1) and showed us a different way to live.

An Upside Down Kingdom - where it is more important to serve than be served, to love then be loved, to give than to receive. In the UDK it is more important to be a servant not the master.

As you get your last Christmas presents, as you go to the many parties that await us, think about the implications of Jesus‘ Upside Down Kingdom.

Realize that with every debt purchase you enslave yourself and others, with every frustration at the store you withhold kindness and justice, with every handout you undermine the dignity of a person.

Be creative, find ways to honor people, to share of your resources without hurting people in the process, to care for the “fatherless and widows” - the people that cannot take care of themselves right now.

When Jesus walked the earth, there was much talk about him, who he was, what he was up to, so many misunderstands and misconceptions....

Who would touch a leper?

Who would talk to a woman at that time?

Who would eat with outcasts?

Today we still wrestle with Jesus and His claims, but wherever you stand, know this: you might not know whom you are encountering, you won’t know their whole story yet, but can you see in their eyes the reflected Image of God?

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