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We All Could Do Better

Merced Fair Grounds

After the attack on Pearl Harbor, President Roosevelt made an Executive Order that would place people of Japanese descent into isolated camps.

Many of them had family members who were fighting in the war against Germany and the Japanese and yet, these families were stripped of all their possessions, herded like animals into camps that were surrounded by barbwire and treated like criminals.

There was even a camp at our Merced Fair Grounds.

It is hard to believe the stories we hear and read about. We had some friends who endured these times and it always amazes me how we can move from friendship to hatred in no time because the government and the media tells us so.

In these crazy times, how do we not get wrapped up in what we are being told, how do we hold on to the truth we know about our neighbors, our friends, and our colleagues?

How do we value human life more than our fears?

As we move more and more into a divided nation, let us remember that we are all part of the human race, that we all a story to tell, that we all have made mistakes and could do better.

Let us not make the same mistake that many generations before us have made!

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